Youth Steering Committee

Members of the EauMega Youth Steering Committee 2021-2022

As part of the goals of the EauMega Conference 2022 and UNESCO’s Operational Strategy on Youth (2014-2021), there is a special focus on creating youth engagement concerning the topics of the event, Megacities, Water and Global Change and, the EauMega Youth Steering Committee works towards these two goals.

The EauMega Youth Steering Committee is composed of different members that are youth representatives and that come from different regions recognized by UNESCO. It consists of a group of 14 members with diverse backgrounds in the professional and academic sphere concerning water management. All members work on a voluntary basis and they are located all around the world. 

Its principal objective is to create a space of exchange and dialogue for young people (15-35 years old) through different ways of expression in order to discuss the different issues related to water and climate change in megacities. 

The Youth Activities are the result of the efforts of the EauMega Youth Steering Committee to propose, organize, coordinate and implement a series of events during the Conference that is particularly targeted to develop youth engagement. They also work in building a bridge between Water Networks focused on young people, especially through the Youth Declaration, which is a statement based on the experiences and thoughts from these groups concerning key issues of water and climate in cities around the world. 

The group can be contacted through their email: and