Youth Declaration


The EauMega Youth Declaration for the EauMega Conference is agreed by the EauMega Youth Steering Committee and revised by different youth networks and organizations related to water management from all across the world. The objective is to establish a commitment to taking practical measures to improve water management in megacities and call upon other young people to do the same.

The declaration calls everyone to stand up and participate in local and national actions to achieve better water management and urges adults to do more. The declaration also calls for more political will at the national and community levels to tackle the water-related challenges in megacities.

It urges not only the public in general but all stakeholders to take action and give also worth to the actions of youth and vulnerable groups and communities when facing all impacts that global change brings in terms of water management. It highlights measures to be implemented and a shift of paradigm.

EauMega Online Pre-Conference 2021

As part of the youth activities for the EauMega Online Pre-Conference 2021 a Youth Declaration was realized and revised by 16 water networks from all over the world. It was presented during this important event.

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EauMega 2022 Youth Declaration