Youth Activities

The EauMega Youth Steering Committee has planned diverse activities destined for the young people throughout the Conference. They are aimed to be developed before and during the Conference and some of them are reinforced by the mentoring of partners such as Arceau Île-de-FranceXylemIsla Urbana, and EurEau.

EauMega Innovation Challenge (January 11 – 14, 2022)

An event based on collaborative gatherings to learn and apply skills towards a particular problem solving that is based on a real-life scenario concerning water and climate-related issues in megacities. It will take place during the Conference through a hybrid format (presential and online participation) from 11 to 13 January and it’s co-hosted by Xylem. As a result, a series of winners will be identified and recognized throughout the Conference. 

World Youth Perspectives (January 13, 2022)

A space for young attendees to interact through discussions and presentations based on four thematic areas with the aim to find remarks about these different topics. The activity will focus on the targets of the Sixth Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): Clean water and sanitation. 

Pitches and/or presentations will be realized concerning the topics of i) drinking water and, sanitation and hygiene; ii) wastewater and quality and, water use and efficiency; iii) integrated water management and, water-related ecosystems; iv) cooperation and capacity building and, participation (knowledge of technical and social conditions).

Youth Declaration (January 14, 2022)

A document that is meant to be used as a reference in intergovernmental negotiations to ensure young people’s perspectives are listened to concerning Megacities, Water, and Global Change. It is a Call to Action addressed to the global community from and through the voice of young people and built from the participation of diverse youth organizations and networks that responded to a survey sent to them the past year concerning diverse key issues related to the topic of the Conference. 

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